Sticker Sets, Card making Sets
ZV 80451G

Cup Cakes

Cupcakes, includes 4 sticker sheets and 4 background cutting sheets
ZV 80463

Match-It Set Romance

Includes 4 sticker sheets and Match-It papers plus background sheets
ZV 80423

Match-It Oriental Cards

To create 8 stunning Oriental cards.  Set includes 4 double embossed sticker sheets and Match-It cutting sheets.
ZV 80659

3D Christmas Cards

6 Cardlayers and 6 3D sheets
ZV 80658

3D Roses Cards

3D Card Set, Book with decoupage sheets and 6 Luxury Cardlayers Roses
ZV 80657

3D Flower Cards

Book with 3D Flower cards and 6 pearlescent card layers.
ZV 81601

Stand Easy Card Tulip

A special card for a special occasion!
ZV 80464

3D Roses

Match-It booklet and stickers (4) to make 8 cards.
ZV 80665

Christmas Cardlayers

6 Luxury Cardlayers A6, plus 2 free 3D (Papertole) cutting sheets
ZV 90673

Sympathy Set

Beautiful Sympathy Set.  Includes everything, 6 Cards and 6 gift cards plus envelopes, cardlayers, background papers, Papertole sheets and two stickers.
ZV 81801

Houses x 2

Pack of 2 Easy Stand Houses
ZV 80661

Cardlayers for Polka Dots

6 Luxury Cardlayers can be used with Polka Dots.

See Polka Dot Stickers, 5 per pack. 

ZV 80473

3D Christmas Match-It Set

Booklet with 3D Match-It stickers to make 8 cards.

ZV 90171

4 Christmas Cards Red

Includes cards, cardlayers, envelopes, text, embossed stickers and cutting sheet.
ZV 90172

4 Christmas Cards Green

Includes cards, cardlayers, envelopes, text, embossed stickers and cutting sheet.
ZV 80701

Christmas Cardlayers

Lasered Cardlayers to use with XP6883. Stickers Not included.

XP6883 SET

5 Holographic Stickers (gold, silver, green, red, blue) to go with SET ZV80701.
ZV 80702

Christmas Cardlayers 2

Lasered Cardlayers to use with XP6864.  Stickers not included

XP6884 SET

Set of 5 holographic stickers (gold, silver, green, red, blue) to go with set ZV80702.
ZV 72701

Cardlayers & Stickers

6 Christmas Cardlayers and 3 Holographic Dot Stickers (Gold, Green, Red).

GS652861 Birthday Verses

Stickers - Birthday Wishes - Transparent Gold or Transparent Silver

GS652803 - All Occasions Verses

Stickers - All Occasions Verses (Gold or Silver)


ZV80655 - Flower Cards Pryamids

3D Pyramids - Flower Cards

ZV80656 3D Sympathy Card

3D Sympathy Cards - Decoupage Sheet & Stickers

ZV80654 - 3D Romantic Cards

3D Romantic Cards - Cardlayers & Decoupage

ZV81706 - Snowman Stand Easy Cards

Stand Easy Cards - Snowman

ZV81703 - Xmas Trees - Stand Easy Cards

Stand Easy Cards - Snowman - Christmas

XP7029 - 5 Holographic Colours

Holographic Stickers Sets - 5 Colours

ZV80668 - Cupcakes

Set - 6 Luxury Cardlayers - Cupcakes

ZV81702 - Christmas Bells

Stand Easy Cards - Christmas Bell - 2 Xmas Cards